IFHEMA — MAM Symposium and IFHEMA General Assembly, Brescia, Italy December 3th – 4th 2022

Programme for the IFHEMA — MAM Symposium and IFHEMA General Assembly
December 3th – 4th 2022.

We will have four great HEMA collections presented from a cross-cultural point of view: Gotti, Corble, Mokken & Valle.

On Sunday in the morning we’ll have a Round Table on future projects: a large exhibition in the Belgian Royal Library) and a discussion on the future of culture/research/competition cooperations in the HEMA Community, with a formal announcement of the cooperation between IFHEMA and DTE/HEMAC Dijon for the new style IFHEMA Cup!In the afternoon, the ninth IFHEMA General Assembly will take place.We plan to stream the Symposium to the general public, so stay tuned for the next updates and links to our YouTube page!