IFHEMA Cup 2024

IFHEMA, DTE and FFAMHE have agreed, jointly, that the IFHEMA Cup 2024, to be held at HEMAG Dijon 2024, will be postponed to HEMAG Dijon 2025.

Despite the enormous amount of work already done, the results from the test events and valid questions and feedback from some of our members, as well as our own assessment, made us realise that the time to integrate all this work into a smoothly-run result free from uncertainties and ambiguities already in May 2024 is sadly too short.

That is why the three organizing, curating and hosting organisations IFHEMA, FFAMHE and DTE decided jointly to postpone the IFHEMA Cup for one year, to HEMAG Dijon 2025

Regarding this subject, we havee already sent an e-mail and letter to all concerned member Federations and Observers.

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