Statement from IFHEMA Executive Committee

IFHEMA upholds key values of transparency, good governance, responsibility and striving to contribute to better societies. These are a part of our mission statement and rules, which all members and offices have publicly committed to and on which they base their activities. We strongly encourage all HEMA practitioners to subscribe to them.
We firmly reject any form of discrimination based on gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, background, culture and ethnic origin. We reject every socially unacceptable, irresponsible and unethical activity, and condemn actions against human dignity.
HEMA originates from European history and traditions, but as a martial art, sport and modern concept, following the philosophy in spirit of which it was and is revived, HEMA is open for all and inalienable from anyone.

With friendly regards,
IFHEMA Executive Committee

Gabor Nemeth, President