Hungarian Championship 2018

Hungarian Longsword Fencing Federation (MHS) held its national championship in federschwert and padded longsword in Budapest.

22 fencers from four clubs registered to fight for the title in the discipline of the steel federschwert, while the padded longsword pools welcomed 21 fencers. After a day of hard and tense competition, managed by the expert MHS crew, the results list as below:

1. András Módos (Kard Rendje)
2. Péter Regenyei (Ars Ensis)
3. Richárd Pávay (AULE)
4. Péter Faragó (Ars Ensis)

Padded longsword:
1. Máté Nagy (Ars Ensis)
2. Csaba Erdei (Ars Ensis)
3. Réka Gulyás (Ars Ensis)
4. Márton Kovács (Ars Ensis)

Congratulations to the winners and all participants of the championship!

The next tournament of the Hungarian Federation should be the Bicornio in August. More info to follow.