Message of the Executive Committee

Dear HEMA communities,

with our first short message we would like to present the newly elected Executive Committee for the period of the next two years. We are confident, the challenges ahead of us and how we will tackle them will offer a fair chance to evaluate our actual contribution in the coming years.

We would like to take the opportunity to welcome Portugal among the members of this young Federation. All signs indicate that we can be optimistic about the future steady growth of our ranks as countless federations – and not only in Europe – show interest applying for membership. Of course all these federations need to be aware, that we have strong, definite values, which we expect all members to respect and firmly uphold as their own.

For the remainder of the year, we ask all of you to pause a bit and consider how far we have already gotten since our foundation in 2014. Yes, there is still much to be accomplished, but we always have to find time to celebrate and appreciate what we have so far achieved.

With this we would like to wish all of you and your beloved ones good health and peaceful, blessed Holidays.

With friendly regards,
IFHEMA Executive Committee

Gabor Nemeth, President

Falko Fritz, Vice-President

Eugenio Garcia-Salmones, Secretary

Matyas Miskolczi, Treasurer

Dieter Bachman, Vice Treasurer